We’re working with Enfield’s Business Connector Programme

We’ve been working with Claire Sawyer, the first Business In The Community Business Connector in Enfield. Claire has been seconded from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to BITC for 12 months. Over the last month, she has been getting to know Enfield. 

Who are Business in the Community?

Business in the Community (BITC) is a business-led charity. Our members work together to tackle a wide range of issues that are essential to building a fairer society and a more sustainable future. We engage thousands of business through our programmes, driven by our core membership of nearly 800 organisations, from small enterprises to global corporations.

What is the Business Connector Programme?

The Business Connector programme recruits and trains talented secondees from the public and private sector, and places them in communities of greatest need. Business Connectors act as brokers. We match private sector resources with the needs of local organisations and build sustainable cross-sector partnerships to tackle local employment, education, enterprise and community cohesion challenges. You’ll find some examples and case studies of our work overleaf.

Claire Sawyer, Business Connector in Enfield

I became the first BITC Business Connector in Enfield in November 2016. I’ve been seconded from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to BITC for 12 months. The Business Connector programme is committed to working in Enfield for 3 years.

What is Claire currently focusing on?

Over the last month, I have been getting to know Enfield. I’d like to meet as many people and organisations as possible to develop an understanding of:

  • opportunities and challenges in Enfield;
  • community support currently being provided by businesses, voluntary and community sector, for organisations, and national and local government in Enfield;
  • priorities and needs of local organisations and businesses;
  • potential opportunities for collaboration between different sectors and organisations.

Examples of the work of Business Connectors:

  • Developing a networking partnership between local businesses and charities in Westminster.
  • Securing local business, council and Jobcentre Plus support for a new employability programme in Lambeth
  • Organising a social media training day, delivered by a local business, for 12 charities in Plymouth


Claire’s contact details – I look forward to working with you!

E-mail: claire.sawyer@bitcconnect.org, Mobile: 0788 188 4298, Twitter: @Claire_Connects

If you are a local business and would like to know more about Enfield Disability Action and our community initiatives please contact George Nahlis, Business Development Manager at george@e-d-a.org.uk