Victory – Department for Transport calls for shared space roads to be halted in the UK

The Department for Transport (DfT) has made a major announcement on shared space road, calling on local authorities to pause any new development of these schemes. This is part of their Inclusive Mobility Strategy, published a few days ago, and which Transport for All (TfA) welcomed.

This is a major victory for Disabled activists and organisations, who have been campaigning on this issue. At TfA, we have heard from countless Disabled and older people who are afraid to walk through shared spaces, because they feel unsafe. We have also heard from some Visually Impaired people being knocked down by cyclists in a shared space.

This is why Transport for All has been calling on the Government and local authorities to take immediate action to prevent these schemes from turning our high streets and public spaces into ‘no-go’ zones for Disabled and older people; and this is also why we co-signed the National Federation of the Blind (NFBUK) petition, along with 50 other organisations, asking the Government to take urgent action to implement the Women and Equalities Committee (WEC) report published a year earlier.

Original article published by Transport for all – 27 July 2018 ––department-for-transport-calls-for-shared-space-roads-to-be-halted-in-the-uk