Transport for London (TFL) research into cycling arrangements on the roads

Transport for London (TFL) are currently carrying out research into new cycling infrastructure in LB Camden, LB Enfield, and LB Waltham Forest.

We would like to understand the experiences of older and disabled people, particularly when getting on and off the buses where pedestrians and cyclists are having to share the same space.

This includes:
• People with visual impairments
• People with mobility impairments
• People with cognitive impairments
• People with hearing impairments

4 sites will be visited in 2 days – 2 sites per day.
The accompanied trips will take around 6 hours over two consecutive days.

This work is scheduled to take place in the last 2 weeks of July.

In terms of what will be covered:

• £40 to each participant per day (so for two days that’s £80)
• If participants require a carer or signer, they will also receive £40 per day
We will arrange travel (via taxi) between the sites,
but we are currently envisaging that the participants will make their own way to a meeting point for the first site both mornings, and will also make their own way back from the second site both afternoons.
No additional expenses (i.e. for travel) are currently planned beyond the £40.

Contacts for this work: