Snowden Climb 17th September 2016

In September Simone Rickard who works on EDA’s Deaf Project climbed Snowden to raise awareness of local Deaf peoples issues and to raise money for EDA’s Deaf Project following reductions to statutory funding earlier in the year. EDA is hugely appreciative and proud of Simone’s achievements and grateful for the funds that were raised. Thank you so much to Simone and her friends. Contributions are still being received and if you would like to assist us in any way please let a member of the team know. Read Simone’s adventure in her own words.

The following is the story Simone’s adventure in her own words.

I was thinking how we could not only raise money but just as important – awareness of the Deaf Project – we needed to do something to get some attention. I know! Let’s climb a mountain!!! Seemed a really, really good idea at the time.

Yeah – brilliant! Climb a mountain, raise money and raise awareness. What could possible go wrong?!

Snowden2Five very kind (and some would say crazy) friends joined me in my quest to conquer Snowden. At this point I would like to say an absolutely huge thank you to Caroline Kazittis, Alex Lunness, Sarah Dunne, Debbie Webb and Cathy McCaw who shared the climb and raised some cash.

We left for Snowden on the 16th September and after an 8 hour drive we finally arrived in Snowdonia. It doesn’t normally take that long but unfortunately, there were huge problems on the M25 – we were shocked by how long it took.

We had an early start the next day and needed to be awake and up to arrive at Snowden by 9am. We were absolutely blessed with the weather, which was absolutely perfect. A lovely sunny day but not too hot.

We arrived at Snowden as planned just after 9am and I was surprised to be handed a piece of paper and told to write down the date and path we were walking and to put it on the dashboard of our car. ‘What for?’ I asked. ’If your car is still here tomorrow, they know which path to check’. Was the answer and my first clue that perhaps it was not going to be as easy as I had first thought? I then looked at the mountain, it was very beautiful but also really, really high!! I couldn’t see the top, it was covered in cloud. This was my second clue.

We started our climb with rucksacks full of water, the weather was great and the views stunning. As it turned out our ‘expert’ climber had picked quite a difficult path which ended up with us half scrambling up the mountain. Although physically challenging we were all doing really well until we hit ‘The Ridge’, well until I hit ‘The Ridge’. I can only describe it as terrifying. I literally froze in fear, both sides of the path disappeared and the path now became a ridge with a sheer drop on either side. I couldn’t move forward, I couldn’t move back. Most terrified I have ever been, but luckily Caroline managed to talk me off the ledge – literally. I then spent the next 20 minutes of the climb swearing profusely and promising Caroline I was going to kill her when I get off the mountain!!. But we made it and finally reached the top – which was breathtakingly beautiful. After a hot chocolate and rest for half an hour we started on our way back down.

That night was spent sinking a few well deserved Bacardi’s, feeling exhausted but also very proud.