Publish the UN investigation into Disabled Peoples rights, Theresa May, PM.

In October 2015 the United Nations investigated the UK Government for grave and systematic violations of Deaf and Disabled people’s rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
The findings from that investigation were sent by the UN to the UK Government but have never been made public.
We call on the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, to publish the UN report and to take urgent action to halt and reverse the regression of Deaf and Disabled people’s rights in the UK.
Deaf and Disabled people’s rights are going backwards in every area of our lives including education, employment, independent living and access to justice. Basic dignities and freedoms are being removed leaving disabled people prisoners in their own homes and without incomes. Meanwhile hostility and hate crime against Disabled people is rising.
This is the legacy of the Cameron-Osborne Government but it doesn’t need to be the future.

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We are planning for the letter to be published as part of the Disabled People Against Cuts week of action which aims to highlight the impact of the cuts and austerity measures on Deaf and disabled people.


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In particular DPAC is calling for video selfies to be part of an online protest kicking off at 9.30pm on Wednesday 7th September. Video selfies should be around a minute in length and can be sent in any time up until the end of 8th September. For more information go to: