Personal Independence Payment – Award Rates Based on our experience.

The percentage of Disability Living Allowance claimants to have been change on to Personal Independence Payment who are successful in getting any award of PIP has fallen from 80% in March 2014 to 70% in April 2016. That’s almost one in three people who are losing out entirely, with no explanation as to why decisions are becoming harsher. The award for PIP new claims has plunged even more dramatically from 62% to 42%. Again, there is no explanation of why so few awards are being made.

Most cases are needing to go to Tribunal as the mandatory reconsideration success rate for DLA to PIP transfers has plummeted to 19.5% and 17.2% for new claims. PIP appeal success rates currently standing at 63% and rising.

How are Mobility car are affected by DLA/PIP changeover

It is reported over 100 motability cars are being returned due to claimants not meeting the new criteria on PIP.  Please see our new factsheet here which explains what to expect.