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Enfield Disability Action operates as a one stop shop for disabled people in the borough of Enfield.

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We define disabled people as any person with a sensory, physical or cognitive impairment or anyone experiencing long term mental or physical health problems. We provide information and advice including welfare rights, housing and community care. Our Direct Payments service supports disabled people to manage their personal budgets and act as good employers. We also provide managed accounts for those who do not wish to administer their budget themselves. We provide support for challenging social services and the local authority. Our mentoring and befriending programmes support people with getting ready for work and also with interaction with the job centre. We do a wide range of health promotion activities, particularly with people with learning disabilities. We are also a hate crime reporting centre and provide hate crime awareness training. As an organisation we participate in a range of strategic boards, including physical disabilities partnership boards see below. As one of the bigger voluntary sector agencies in the borough, we work in partnership with a wide range of smaller groups and support them in conjunction with Enfield Voluntary Action with capacity building activities.