Learning Braille – My Story

A special event was held for Enfield resident, Rajeswari Gopalakrishnan, so that she could tell her story about learning Braille. Rajeswari is not only blind she is also profoundly Deaf, so to teach her Braille was not an easy task. Enfield Disability Action’s Deaf Project in partnership with Enfield Vision provided weekly lessons to help Rajeswari achieve her ambition.  The Deaf Project successfully applied for a Santander Discovery Grant which enabled us to proceed with this unique and innovative project.

Braille presentation imageThe event was held on Tuesday 20th June at Community House in Edmonton and among those present were members of Enfield Deaf Image Group, Enfield Vision, Deafblind UK, Enfield Disability Action, staff from the Southgate branch of Santander and local Councillor Nesimi Erbil.  A demonstration took place of the stage 1 Braille that Rajeswari has learnt from her tutor, Diane De Jersey, Chair of Enfield Vision.


Communication between Rajeswari and Diane was via Hands on Sign interpretation provided by Rajeswari’s family and the Deaf Project for each lesson.  We hope that other local Deafblind people who attended this inspiring event have been encouraged to learn Braille in order to be more independent.


Footnote for pictures:


The group photo the names are: (Left to Right) Deanna Rogers (EDA),Staff from Santander Southgate Branch, Diane de Jersey (Chair, Enfield Vision), Mary White (Deaf Project, EDA) and Rajeswari Gopalakrishnan.


Diane and Rajeswari practising reading Braille.



Mary White

Deaf Project Manager

Enfield Disability Action

Community House


N9 0PZ