Enfield Town Conservation Area consultation

Dear Sir/Madam


We are consulting on a proposed Article 4(1) Direction for the Enfield Town Conservation Area.


As part of the management of its conservation areas the Council uses Article 4 Directions.  These take away permitted development rights for certain works so that planning permission is required.  This allows the Council to make sure that the proposals will preserve and enhance the character of the conservation area.  No fees are required for applications for planning permission arising as a direct result of Article 4 Directions.


Some properties in the Enfield Town Conservation Area are already covered by Article 4 Directions dating from 1978, 2003 and 2006.  If confirmed, the proposed Article 4(1) Direction means that all houses and flats in the Enfield Town Conservation Area will be affected.  In summary, planning permission will be required where the works would face a public open space, the highway or waterway for the following:


  • Enlargement, improvement or any other alteration (this covers a variety of works including extensions, window replacement and new front doors.)
  • Alterations to roof slopes
  • New porch enclosures
  • Hard surfacing
  • The installation, alteration or replacement of a chimney
  • The installation, alteration or replacement of microwave antenna (satellite dishes)
  • New gates/fences/walls or other means of enclosure
  • Painting the exterior of a property (areas not previously painted)
  • The demolition of gates/fences/walls or other means of enclosure

Further details are available from here:  www.enfield.gov.uk/enfieldtownarticlefour


We delivered letters to all affected properties on 26th July and advertised by press and site notice as well as the Council website.  If you have any comments on the proposals please send them by midnight on Friday 29th September.  They will be given full consideration when we decide whether to confirm or withdraw the proposed Article 4(1) Direction. If confirmed it will come into force on Monday 8 January, 2018.


Please send any queries or comments to: heritage@enfield.gov.uk