Enfield Disability Action’s funding for our advice services has been cut.


The decision has been referred back to cabinet and therefore the call in successful.

There is no need for anyone to attend the meeting tonight

Prevention and Early Intervention Commissioning

Stakeholder Update
th November 2017

Contracts Award
As you will be aware, a Cabinet decision was published regarding the award of
contracts to the Voluntary and Community Sector for the delivery of prevention and
early intervention support and services to people in Enfield.
The decision was subject to the Call-In process. A ‘call-in’ is a way for you to ask for
a decision the Cabinet has taken to be looked at again.
The Call-In was requested and agreed and scheduled to take place this evening, 8th
November 2017 at the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. After further discussion
with the Leader of the Council and Opposition Leader we have now been advised
that the proposed Call In need not proceed now on the understanding that :-
a. The decision to award contracts to Community Barnet is referred back to
Cabinet for further consideration on Wednesday 15th November 2017
b. Officers agree to produce a report to Overview and Scrutiny Committee in due
course summarising the success measures and performance expectations that are
built into the more detailed agreements with each consortium/partnership.
We will be in touch again following Cabinet next week to inform you of the outcome
of these considerations.

Due to the Call-in process timelines will now be subject to delay. We will not be able
to inform you of any new timeline until after the Cabinet meeting on the 15th

Training and Support
Meetings with organisations and the Commissioning Team will be set up shortly.
For successful organisations and consortium these meeting will be held with your
appointed Lead Commissioner.
For those organisations that have not been successful a meeting with the Head of
Service will be arranged to look at transition processes and alternative sources of

Prevention and Early Intervention Commissioning

Stakeholder Update
th November 2017

Rosie.lowman@enfield.gov.uk Nancie.Alleyne@enfield.gov.uk
Strategic Funding for Lead Partners
A short form will shortly be circulated to the Lead Partner to apply for the additional
strategic funding.
Project Grants
The process and budget for the application of Project Grants will be circulated
Purchase Orders
For successful organisations new Purchase Order numbers will be generated ready
for the start date of the new contracts.
Staff Changes
Rosie Lowman will be leaving Enfield Council at the end of November. She would
like to thank the sector for all their engagement, vitality and honesty throughout this
For each successful organisation/consortium your contact and support moving
forward will be your allocated Commissioner/s.
For generic VCS enquiries please contact Jamie Ford, Service Development and
Commissioning Officer, on 020 8379 3746 or at jamie.ford@enfield.gov.uk

The DIAS and the Deaf Project service funding will end on the 30th November 2017.

Earlier this year, Enfield Council re-tendered contracts for services usually delivered by the local voluntary sector, as part of a process open to all including the private sector and those outside the borough. EDA tendered for the Information and Advice service stream in partnership with other Enfield Voluntary organisations.
Unfortunately the Council awarded the tender to Community Barnet. As of date, we are not aware of what accessible services they will be providing in Enfield or of any pre-existing partnerships with VCS groups in Enfield. The newly tendered service begins notionally on the 1st December 2017. The DIAS and the Deaf Project service funding will end on the 30th November 2017.
Although Enfield Council wanted a smooth handover EDA has not been made aware of who to transfer our clients to. This makes it very difficult for us to advise people in the short term. Critically therefore, we are concerned that vulnerable disabled people living or working in Enfield will not know where to go for help with existing and future issues. This is particularly pertinent with the impending rollout of Universal Credit in Enfield.
The Council could of course have chosen organisations who are known and highly respected by Enfield residents and with long standing service users. However an out of Borough organisation who has no advice provision history or local connections has been chosen to provide these services going forward.
Enfield Councillors have called in this decision and will be reviewing it. A public meeting is due to be held on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at 7pm at the Civic Centre. This meeting is to investigate and potentially challenge the Tender process and the decision to award the advice streams to Community Barnet.
Unfortunately at EDA this is already impacting on our ability to provide a service. From Tuesday 7th November EDA (Disability Information and Advice Service, Deaf Project) will not be in the position to provide information and advice or support with new client referrals, this includes new individual case work. With regret EDA has no choice but to close its waiting lists and to cancel all information and advice drop ins.
We will update you if there is any change to this position. Please accept our sincere apologies for this but it is due to circumstances currently beyond our control.