Encouraging Deaf/Blind people to try learning Braille

Last year a Deaf/Blind lady approached Social Services to request information on how she could learn Braille, she thought this would give her another form of communication and perhaps help in her day to day life. Social Services said they were unable to help and e-mailed Enfield Vision to see if they could assist this lady, Enfield Vision then contacted EDA for help as this lady can only communicate using hands on signing. The Deaf Project decided to facilitate this idea and make it happen, co-ordinating everyone’s availability, booking a room, making sure someone could provide the communication support and provide any other need that was requested.

Diane de Jersey from Enfield Vision has given her time voluntarily, has provided the necessary equipment, she has formed a good rapport with her pupil who in turn has rewarded Diane with her enthusiasm and dedication to learn Braille. Progress has been made since lessons started in January 2017and this lady is able to now spell words in Braille. Seeing how invaluable this Project is, Deanna Rogers at EDA suggested the Deaf Project put in an application for a Discovery Grant from Santander. Deanna also personally took the application to the Southgate branch of Santander, I believe Deanna’s contribution in all of this made our application a success and we were recently granted £5000.

We hope that other Deaf/Blind people will be encouraged to try and learn Braille and plan to hold an event in early summer to promote this and to hear firsthand what learning Braille has meant to our star pupil.