DIAS update

New times

DIAS and U-direct will be closed from 1pm on a Monday and Friday from the 1st August.

Drop in

There is no benefit and community care drop-in during August. Our drop-in with be on September 27th.


Are you paying toward your care? Review now

We have seen an increase of client’s who have either had an increase in care charges or have had to start paying for their care. Some of these have been incorrectly assessed, as when the assessment has been challenged we have been successful in getting the charges decreased or revised to nil contribution. Please contact us, we can check if your calculations are correct? If you have the breakdown it will help. The London Borough of Enfield can send these to you on request


DIAS Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in welfare benefits or community care?

Want to put back to the community?

Want to meet new people?

DIAS has volunteer opportunities that may interest you. No experience needed we will teach you.

Want to know more call Karen on 0208 373 6231


Appeals of non-attendance of assessments

More benefits are based on you attended a DWP assessment. DIAS has seen an increase of appeals where claimants have failed to attend. Under the rules of the Benefit you must attend these or your Benefit may be sanctioned or stopped.


If you receive a date or a venue you cannot attend, please call them ASAP. You only get 2 opportunities to change it. On the day if you are ill contact them and make sure you either see your GP so you provide evidence if needed. You will only get 1 more chance to attend after this. It may increase your chances if you attend when ill as the assessor will see you at your worse.




If you have children’s/dependents and are paying a contribution toward your care please contact us as it may be wrong.

Email: udirect@e-d-a.org.uk

Telephone: 0208 374 6349





Benefit Cap

The Government has been dealt a huge blow as the High Court ruled its benefit cap is unlawful and illegally discriminates against single parents with young children. Conservative ministers are now likely to be forced to change or scrap one of their flagship welfare policies, which limits the total amount of benefits a household can receive to £23,000 a year in London and £20,000 elsewhere. Disabled people should not capped if you are please contact us for a Benefit Check


80% of mandatory  reconsideration are coming back unchanged leading to more clients wanted representation at Tribunal. To improve your chances of it succeeding please see our guide on our website http://e-d-a.org.uk/personal-independence-payment-pip-help-and-advice/

DIAS is one of a few organisations who offer FREE representation and appeal help. We have see a great demand for this service and we now cannot represent all the requests we are receiving. DIAS is looking at ways we can best support our clients so we can fulfil the demand for this service.


DIAS has volunteering opportunities for Volunteer advisors.