Complaint Policy

Enfield Disability Action (EDA) is committed to delivering high quality services. If a user of one of the
services is unhappy about the service they are receiving he / she should tell the organisation what is
wrong so that the situation can be put right. No one should be afraid to comment or complain as EDA
needs to know what our service users are thinking. Making a complaint will not affect any of the
services being received.

What is a complaint?
A complaint could be:
– A service promised that has not been provided or has taken too long to deliver.
– A person has been treated unfairly by an employee / volunteer / trustee of EDA.
– A service has been refused and a service user thinks they are entitled to that service.

A complaint can be made, in writing, to the Manager of the service involved. If the complaint is about
the Service Manager, the complaint should be made to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). If the
complaint is about the CEO it should be made to a member of the Board of Trustees. It is essential
that the person making the complaint states, from the start, that they are making a complaint and wishes
it to be treated as such.

A complaint can also be made in writing, on CD, memory stick, by telephone or email.

Contact us with your complaint as follows:-

  • Phone 020 8373 6228 – Calls are answered between 10am and 4pm Monday to Thursday.
  • Please note: To access the Deaf Project ONLY you can call directly on 020 8373 6237, SMS on 07919 247 843 or email
  • Main email –
  • Address: Enfield Disability Action, Community House, 311 Fore Street, London, N9 0PZ
  • Fax: 020 8373 6223

A copy of our complaint procedure is here (click to view or right click and choose “save as” to download