This a request for people to come forward to participate in the documentary who are either carers or are disabled and in low paid work or recently had to leave work and struggle financially.

I work for a TV production company KEO Films. Our BBC observational documentary series will aim to follow the lives of those behind the political buzz words of ‘just-about-managing’, and understand what it is like for the over one million British households living with constant financial struggles, low incomes and little to fall back on. Through following the personal stories of those in this often-ignored section of society, we want to gain an understanding of and shine a light on inequality in the UK.

We are specifically focusing on those (families and individuals) who are or have recently been in-work (either full or part time) and are struggling with their personal circumstances and to make ends meet, and in this case, are either carers or disabled themselves – limiting their ability to work. We would love to reach out to those who access your services and are around all of next week to discuss this, we are happy to meet any service users who may be willing to just have a conversation with us in a controlled environment that works for them.

For reassurance, in everything we do we are committed to making it sensitive, fair and respectful to those we film with their needs and lives. We would want to develop a relationship and understanding with those who are referred to us, before we even considered filming, and initially would just be having a confidential chat. Consent is paramount and we would obviously make sure anyone who took part understood it may be broadcast on television.

Just so you understand a bit about KEO, as a company we have a long history of making powerful, touching and sensitively produced films about social issues, mainly for the BBC. We’ve won awards from all the major TV awarding bodies for our work (BAFTA, Royal Television Society, Broadcast, Grierson, and even had an Oscar nomination) and consistently high viewership despite our programmes difficult subject areas, in part because of our focus on finding warm and relatable people to be filmed. You can see our work here:

I hope to hear from you if you’re interested in talking further.
Email :
Harry Pick
Assistant Producer


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