A Day in the Life of a CancerLIFE Volunteer

day in life

As told by Terry Childers.

I first met Deanna from CancerLIFE when my wife Sue and I were visiting a terminally ill neighbour at North Middlesex Hospital. I had never heard of CancerLIFE prior to this visit but I was invited along to one of the meetings to see what happens.

That was 4 years ago, my daughter Elizabeth soon became a volunteer but, as Elizabeth doesn’t drive, I initially became her taxi service. It subsequently became very apparent that additional help was needed so both Elizabeth and I now support the drop-in on a regular basis and Sue occasionally runs a jewellery workshop.

A typical drop-in day consists of arriving early to help unload Deanna’s car, arrange the tables, chairs, create the therapy areas, fill the hot water urns, set up the refreshments (loads of cakes and biscuits!), get the CD player going and wait for everyone to arrive. Before you know it the seats are all occupied, there’s a real buzz in the room, volunteers running taster complementary therapy treatments and Elizabeth doing manicures. I generally chat with everyone, make the odd cup of tea, listen to people’s views on life as well as solving the world’s problems! We discuss DIY as well as our various hobbies and hear some very old jokes!!

Over these last few years CancerLIFE has given me the opportunity to make new friends and to share a few hours every couple of weeks with a lovely group of people who welcome new visitors and care a lot for each other … to think it all started when Deanna said “why don’t you drop-in for a cup of tea?”

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