You can now contact Enfield Disability Action on 0208 373 6228

Calls will be answered between 10am and 4pm Monday to Thursday.

* Please note: To access the Deaf Project ONLY  you can still call directly on 020 8373 6237, SMS on 07919 247 843 or email

For all other enquiries please use the main number shown above.

Changes to Enfield Disability Action’s (EDA) Services – ANNOUNCEMENT

Unfortunately from Tuesday 3rd April EDA will no longer provides information and advice support.

This will impact on the Disability Information and Advice Service which will close and the Deaf Project, which will now provide an 18 hour advocacy service only. We will no longer be able to provide advice and services such as, for example social care advice, disability benefits and entitlements, benefits checks, working and child tax credits, universal credit, appeals, reconsiderations or Tribunal representation etc. Advice on Housing, Housing Benefit, Council Tax support and Homelessness will also no longer be provided by EDA.

Getting help, advice or support from us

EDA is the one stop shop for disabled people living and working in Enfield.

Independent Living Service
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New Udirect open appointment sessions for people with disabilities are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am – 3pm at Community House, 311 Fore Street, Edmonton London N9 0PZ

Deaf Project events & help
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Find out about regular events, help and getting in touch.

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ENDIG petition to save Deaf Project - EDA are seeing the impact of the austerity cuts on all levels but targeting this community should be rethought and their wishes listened to.


New Advocacy Services
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We provide an advocacy service. If you require advocacy support please call us 0208 373 6228

New volunteering opportunities

EDA are pleased to announce that we are now in the position to offer a number of new Volunteering opportunities

Client testimonials and feedback

``I am very pleased with this result as I have been battling many years on behalf of my daughter...and finally we were awarded successfully. Thank you so much for your assistance with the PIP form and I would like you to know this will make an enormous difference to our lives. I am most impressed with your conduct and professionalism when dealing with my application.``

Testimonial Client letter testimonial
Client letter testimonial
Successful PIP application

``On behalf of my family and I, we would like to convey our gratitude towards your kind support all through these years. You are such a God gifted person who brings hope to people's lives. You have used your Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Kindness (talents) to reach us when we mostly needed you. Thank you for making us keep a smile on our faces. He was awarded with a new Television requested by Family Fund. Thank you once again. We wish you a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new 2017

Testimonial Client letter testimonial
Client letter testimonial
Successful Family Fund Award

I meet my EDA adviser on a monthly basis when she helps me sort out paperwork and any queries/issues I may have regarding my mum's care etc.
No amount of words can express my gratitude. She is a very unique individual; truly professional, sensitive, kind and generous. She has supported me through some very difficult and challenging times following my dad's death and subsequently, my mum's deteriorating physical and mental health. I can't imagine being without her and hope that our partnership will continue. She is a true asset to the profession and most importantly, to people like me who need guidance and support during some of life's most difficult challenges we all have to face...dealing with death and elderly /frail parents. We are never prepared for these heart wrenching experiences. I commend you and your team for the valuable work you do. I would most certainly want to continue working with my adviser.

Testimonial Client letter testimonial
Client letter testimonial
Supporting client in difficult times

May I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in your new role but at the same time tell you how much I will miss you. I’ll look forward to meeting my new support worker and have no doubts as everyone that I’ve had the the pleasure to meet at EDA have been very pleasant and supportive. You really are a fantastic team.

Thank you for all your help, support and kindness over the last 5, 6 or 7 years (I can’t remember how long it’s been).

Thanks again

Testimonial Client letter testimonial
Client letter testimonial
Our support workers helping clients

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Service & Drop in updates

THE DROP IN for the week beginning 23rd July IS CLOSED ---------------------- All drop in dates can be found in our events calendar, see top menu or events below this message. --------------------

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Enfield Disability Action
Community House
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Tel: 020 8373 6228
Fax: 020 8373 6223

Charity No: 1082063/Company Number: 03937507

*Charging Policy and Disclaimer - EDA operates a charging policy for services not within its remit or for which it does not receive funding. A list of services is available. Where clients request help for such services (assistance with form-filling, additional photocopying, administration), EDA does not take responsibility for the outcome or ongoing communication with outside agencies.

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